How to paint a landscape from imagination


How to paint a landscape
from imagination

THE basic course

Our first online painting course is now available! Learn how you can create your own imaginary landscapes and environments by connecting with nature and your own creativity.

Learn to create your own
imaginary landscapes

Painting a landscape from imagination is a fascinating process. It allows you to bring whole worlds on to the canvas that only existed within your fantasy before. The possibilities are endless and there are basically no boundaries to your creativity. What is a landscape that you are dreaming about? What atmosphere would it have? What kind of plants and trees would you plant? What colours would you use? 

A mixture of intuition
and technique

While painting from imagination is a very intuitive process, we still want our landscapes to look real. And for that it is important to learn some basic rules and techniques on how nature works and how to transfer that onto the canvas. This course will guide you step by step through the whole process - from the materials you need, setting up a landscape, creating perspective, easy brush techniques to how to make your landscape three-dimensional using light and shadow.

This course is for you when
you are looking for...

a painting course for beginners

In this course we will start from the very beginning. You will learn about the basics of oil painting, how to use colours, different brushes and simple techniques to practice.

a new approach into landscape painting

Landscape painting is often taught in very similar ways. In this course we forget about all that and work only with our intuition and memory by learning the behaviour and different patterns of nature.

practical knowledge and techniques

Painting is a lot about practice. And still there are many techniques and tricks you can use to make your landscape look realistic in very easy ways. This course will give you lots of useful knowledge about perspective, three-dimensionality and how to set up a landscape.

This course is for you when you are looking for...

a fun and creative activity

Maybe you always wanted to express yourself creatively, but you just don't know where to begin? This course will guide you in a fun and refreshing way - with lots of enthusiasm and positive energy included. :)

a place to connect and show your art

Through the course you will get access to an exclusive community, where you can ask questions directly to Joachim, connect with likeminded people and also get the chance to show your painting in our online gallery.

a base to progress further

The approach that you learn in this course is the same approach you will also use in much more complex and advanced paintings. In this way of painting everything that you learn you build on what you have learned before. So, after this course you will be well equipped to progress and continue on your own.


Not just a painting course...

About Joachim

Joachim Ingulstad is a full-time and self taught landscape painter. Inspired by the 18th century landscape painters like Kaspar David Friedrich he mostly learned by trial and error. Early on in the process he discovered that many of the usual techniques in oil painting such as copying from outside or photo realism did not satisfy his wish to create his own worlds and restricted the freedom to imagine. As such he made a pledge to never look at anything while engaged in a painting. And so the first step was taken in finding his own style and approach into landscape painting, which he has now developed and refined over the last 12 years. Today he paints on a wide variety of objects such as porcelain, glass, wood and canvas all the while using the way of imagination and memory.

How to paint a landscape from imagination


- Step by step guidance through two different paintings

- Over 5 hours of video material

- Introduction into oilpainting

- Practical knowledge and brush techniques

- Access to the exclusive Art of Nature - Community

- Individual assistance from Joachim

- Access to the Art of Nature - Gallery

- Lifelong access to the course

130,- USD

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