Custom art inspired by your favourite nature

Commision work

How to paint a landscape
from imagination

THE basic course

Our first online painting course is now available! Learn how you can create your own imaginary landscapes and environments by connecting with nature and your own creativity.

Let me know your dream landscape and I will make it come to life

Do you have a favourite landscape or place in nature you would like to have on canvas? Maybe a special tree that always brought you comfort? Or you just fell in love with an art piece in our shop, but it's already sold? You can now order your very own custom art pieces!

Important Note: I only paint landscapes in my usual style, from imagination and memory. I don't paint animals or anything humans have had their hands in.

What you can order

The following products can be ordered:

• Journal (currently unavailable)
• Porcelain Cup
• Candle Glass BIG
• Candle Glass SMALL
• Oilpainting on paper
• Oilpainting on canvas


Candle Glass SMALL - 120 USD
Candle Glass BIG - 140 USD
Porcelain Cup - 150 USD
Journal - 250 USD

Oilpaintings on paper
18 x 24 cm / 7 x 9,4 inch - 200 USD
24 x 32 cm / 9,4 x 12,5 inch - 300 USD 
30 x 40 cm / 11,8 x 15,7 inch - 500 USD

Oilpaintings on canvas
50 x 60 cm / 19,6 x 23,6 inch - 1000 USD
60 x 70 cm / 23,6 x 27,5 inch - 1500 USD

Individual sizes are possible on request.

Shipping Cost:
Norway: 15 USD
International: 30 USD

How to order an art piece

Beginn the process

To begin the process, send me a mail to with your wish. Please read below what information should be in your description.


I will then review your message and either ask some follow up questions or come with an offer as to what I can imagine.


If you agree to my offer I will send you an invoice for 50% of the total cost. I will begin the process once the payment is received. These 50% are non refundable and the item becomes mine again if it is refused in the end.

THE Painting process

During the painting process we will have two revision rounds, where you get the chance to give feedback and bring in your wishes - as far as it's possible at that point.


Once it's finished I will send you images of your final piece. If you're happy with it, I will send you the second invoice with the other 50%. If you wish for additional changes I calculate 40 USD per hour.  


Once I received the second payment I will send your finished piece within 3 working days. You can read more about the delivery times from Norway here.

What should be in your description

1. The product you would like to order
Candle glass SMALL, Candle glass BIG, Journal, Porcelain cup or Oilpainting (with the size)

2. General description of the landscape
For example - What season does it have? What kind of landscape it is?  What colour scheme should it have? 

3. The mood your painting should have
For example - an uplifting feeling, melancholy yet beautiful, or perhaps a dark night, but filled with optimism.

4. Inspiration Pictures (optional) 
I don’t paint from photographs and I do not paint in a photo realism kind of a style but feel free to provide me with photographs of for instance a favourite tree or of a general kind of environment.

You can also look through the things I have painted before and let me know if it should look something like that and provide me with the name or a picture.


Every other month we are launching a new collection of art pieces in our shop.
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